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We are highly experienced in the electrical wiring of new homes, additions, remodel projects, and electrical service upgrades. No project is too small. Our experience in the residential electrical constuction field is unmatched.



We do any type of commercial electrical project. We work directly with general contractors and building owners to design electrical systems for each individual project. We also service follow-up needs such as lamp replacements or basic repairs.



We do any type of farm related electrical work, such as new grain drying systems, existing system add-ons and maintenance, barn rewires, new parlors, electrical service upgrades, pole top electric services, and overhead wires. Grain drying systems have become a specialty of ours - over the past few years we have wired just about every type of system. We are also certified in the farm electric rewire program.


We offer 24-hour emergency electrical service for any residential, commercial, or agricultural electrical problem. Call us anytime and we will do all we can to solve your issue.

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